GSS founding partners serve as its operational leadership team. Their commitment to strategic partnership, flawless execution and exemplary client service are competencies demanded of all GSS staff.

Ron Cervelli
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Global Sourcing Strategies LLC

Ron spent the majority of his 30+ year career leading global and domestic high speed manufacturing organizations in the Automotive and Industrial OEM and Replacement markets. His reputation for infusing an uncompromising approach to quality and service is now a GSS hallmark. A strategist, with in-depth operational experience, Ron transformed under-performing businesses and operations by significantly lowering cost base, building quality/service to world class levels with lean sigma manufacturing techniques, leveraging newly created global supplier and service provider networks, and expanding product lines.

As President and Managing Partner, Ron drives GSS global strategy and best practices through its critical partnerships and alliances. With an unwavering dedication to customer service, Ron also consults with and for clients in existing and emerging markets. Contact Ron Cervelli.

John Mazzetti
Global Vice President Operations
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Global Sourcing Strategies Co. Ltd.

John spent the majority of his 30+ year career directing global engineering and manufacturing operations, culminating in his leading multi-national companies in Canada and China. John’s unique and intimate understanding of the global marketplace and its cultures stems from having lived and worked outside the United States for over 20 years. This depth of knowledge provides GSS and its clients with unparalleled business opportunities and service. His strategic and tactical leadership in key manufacturing areas including operations, materials control, quality and engineering enable him to consistently source, qualify and produce GSS high quality engineered product at competitive prices.

As Global Vice President Operations and Managing Partner of GSS Ltd., John manages all European and Asian GSS alliances/customers. He additionally leads GSS global manufacturing and engineering operations, overseeing its sourcing, qualifying, procurement and product design functions for all GSS clients. Contact John Mazzetti.